Dental Sealant Treatment in Albuquerque


Tooth decay is not a problem limited to adults. The truth is, it a growing problem among children and even preschoolers. In order to best avoid the painful effects of childhood tooth decay, such as premature tooth loss and childhood periodontal disease, Dr. Meckler recommends the application of sealants to your child’s at-risk teeth.

So, What Are They Exactly?

Sealants are a type of clear, liquid plastic barrier that is applied to the vulnerable parts of tooth enamel to shield against bacteria.

The most common placement for sealants is on the nooks and crannies that reside over the chewing surfaces of molars (80% of tooth decay is found in these pits and fissures). These areas are more difficult to access with a regular toothbrush, so as a result, they can collect oral bacteria and acids.

Applying a sealant guards teeth against this type of harmful build-up, and is a less costly and more aesthetically-pleasing measure of protection than traditional dental fillings.

Sealant Timing

Dr. Meckler recommends for permanent molars and premolars to be sealed as soon as they are fully erupted.

Over time, sealants might begin to lift off the teeth they are attached to – causing particles to become trapped against the tooth enamel, damaging it. Accordingly, sealants are monitored regularly at your child’s check-up appointments in our Albuquerque office.

How Are Sealants Applied?

Sealant application is usually completed in a single office visit and is entirely painless.

To begin with, the targeted teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. The sealant will then be delicately painted on. When that is complete, the sealant will either be left to self-harden, or be exposed to a blue spectrum natural light. This specialized light hardens the sealant and cures the plastic in a matter of seconds.

The final result is a clear (or whitish) layer of thin, but durable sealant that will protect the teeth.

Seal the Deal

Dental sealants are by no means a replacement to brushing, flossing or visits to the dentist, but when combined with good dental care habits at home and regular visits to our office, their application can boost the mouth’s natural defenses. This results in fewer cavities, less likelihood of tooth decay and, of course, healthier happier smiles.

To find out more about sealants, and other ways to protect your child’s teeth, contact Meckler Pediatric Dentistry in our Albuquerque office today!