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Pediatric Dental Treatment

Healthy Smiles at Meckler Pediatric Dentistry

Early dental care is very important for children. It helps establish good habits and lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Our goal at Meckler Pediatric Dentistry is to provide the highest quality services and simplify your life by offering complete care for your child. Our office is located in Albuquerque, but we see patients from Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and surrounding communities, so caring, quality care is never far away.

Improving Your Child’s Dental Health

Proper dental hygiene begins at home. We can assist you in instituting a sound oral health regimen by providing tips and suggestions on brushing and flossing, in addition to information on how to spot tooth problems at the onset. Scheduling regular visits can keep teeth well maintained, and assist in providing early detection of issues resulting from thumb sucking, bruxism and baby bottle tooth decay.

Dental Care for Your Child

We offer a comprehensive list of pediatric dental services designed to prevent and treat dental problems. They include:

  • Cleanings
  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Fluoride applications
  • Sealants

Visit Your Albuquerque & Rio Rancho Area Pediatric Dentist

We use the latest technology and treatment techniques for our young patients to ensure the highest comfort and most effective care. In order to take full advantage of our services, we recommend scheduling your child’s first appointment around the time of his or her first birthday. Please contact us at 505-878-0700 to ask any questions you might have and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Meckler.