Oral Hygiene New Year's Resolutions

Oral Hygiene New Year's Resolutions
Posted on 02/01/2016

Now that we have said goodbye to the festive holiday season, it's that time of the year once again when many of us make New Year's resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions people make include eating better, getting more exercise and losing weight, which are all good resolutions to make!

The team here at Meckler Pediatric Dentistry would like to encourage parents to make oral hygiene New Year's resolutions to help keep your kids' smiles healthy, which is an easy resolution to keep! By resolving to teach your kids how important good oral hygiene is, you will be helping to ensure that your children have healthy teeth and gums throughout childhood and beyond.

Get Your Kids Excited About Good Dental Health

When talking to your kids about good dental health, do so in a very positive way. Explain that going to the dentist is something good as it helps keep teeth healthy and beautiful. Show your children that you want a healthy smile too by brushing & flossing your teeth with your kids and by enjoying healthy foods and snacks. Talk to them about how they need their teeth to be strong and healthy so they can properly chew food to provide the rest of the body with the nutrition it needs to grow big and strong.

Encourage Good Oral Hygiene Habits

When teaching your kids how to brush and floss their teeth, encourage them to do it themselves, as they need to learn how to effectively maintain good oral hygiene on their own as they grow. But because young kids tend not to do a good job of brushing and flossing, it's important for parents to brush and floss their kids' teeth well after the kids have tried doing it on their own. This will help ensure that food particles and plaque left behind is removed to reduce the risk of developing tooth decay.

Let Your Kids Choose their Brush and Toothpaste

A good way to get kids enthusiastic about brushing their teeth is to let them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste. There are many kids' toothbrushes on the market that feature popular characters and bright colors kids love. Just be sure the toothpaste your child chooses contains fluoride and is in a flavor he/she likes.

By making a New Year's resolution to help your kids maintain good oral hygiene, you'll be helping your child develop good habits for a life-long, healthy and beautiful smile!