Hidden Sugar In Your Favorite Foods

Hidden Sugar In Your Favorite Foods
Posted on 07/26/2016

Ask anyone what causes tooth decay and they will likely say sugar. Additionally, the general assumption is that avoiding high sugar items like candies and sodas is the simple solution. However, it is actually the bacteria, s. mutans, which thrive on sugars that cause tooth decay. Their nutrient supply includes any fermentable cardohydrate.

The Break Down

Did you know that the digestion of carbohydrates is started in the mouth by saliva? Carbs break down into sugars that can be just as harmful as items that were sweet to begin with. Especially since things like crackers often become stuck in the grooved anatomy of some teeth and prolong exposure.

Bacterial Activity

S. mutans digest sugars and produce acid and can demineralize the enamel of teeth. Although, the sweetener Xylitol cannot be digested by s. mutans which is why it is in so many dental related products.

Food For Thought

  • Infused water will have some of the natural flavor of a fruit and some of it's sugar.
  • Carrots actually have a considerable amount of natural sugar for a veggie.
  • Dairy products contain a sugar called lactose and therefore, infants should not sleep with a bottle of milk.
  • Processed products that you may not expect have sugars added to them for flavor.

The Gameplan

Avoiding food and drink high in sugar all of the time is impossible. Make an effort to restrict the frequency and duration of exposure to higher risk items.

If you can't brush and floss right after enjoying chips and soda, rinse your mouth with water or chew a gum containing xylitol.

Keep your oral hygiene game strong! With the dental care aides available to us today, it is easier than ever to be a brushing and flossing machine. If you can make brushing and flossing after every meal happen, go for it!