Chewing Gum is Good for Your Teeth?

Chewing Gum is Good for Your Teeth?
Posted on 10/06/2016

October 2016




Xylitol is an additive in many dental care products, candies, and chewing gums.  It is an artificial sweetener with some interesting properties that make it beneficial to oral health.  Many dental offices actually give candies sweetened with xylitol to patients.

If the ADA seal of approval is on the packaging, you can rest assured the product is considered safe and beneficial.


How Is Xylitol Different From Sugar?

Unlike sugar, xylitol cannot be digested by the bacteria that cause dental decay.  Chewing gum containing xylitol after eating isn't just about fresher breath.  If you can't brush after eating, chewing gum with xylitol may be the next best thing.

"When you can't brush, chew Trident!"



Craving Something Sweet?

Candy and chocolate sweetened with xylitol may be a good alternative treat for individuals at higher risk for dental decay.  Xylitol can also be used for baking in place of regular sugar.  Many products are available in grocery stores and even more can be ordered online.


Please Take Note

Pets can become seriously ill if large amonts of xylitol are ingested.  Keep packs of chewing gum out of their reach.  If you find that your pet has gotten a hold of your goodies, get them to a vet.